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Questions? or RSVP HERE

Vetting Process


FIRST TIME ATTENDEES: Please email/text Ms. B with the following information for first time party attendees (not the Meet and Greet):

  • First Name/Scene Name
  • How you heard about the event (which website, which person)
  • Picture (full body preferred)
  • Experience Level (newbie, experienced)
  • Which party - Interracial or BI/KINK


We try to chat with each first time guest prior to them attending a party to make sure it’s a good fit! Afterall, we are welcoming you into our home!



We specialize in small, intimate house parties where people are comfortable and safe!

  • Our events are typically under 25 people, and all guests are vetted prior to admittance.
  • We are very experienced in hosting and go the extra mile to make all guests comfortable and welcomed, encouraging sexual expression in a fun, sexy, music filled environment!
  • We try to have fun food and signature cocktails, making our parties more upscale than your typical hotel party!


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